Maggie | 2017 Graduate | Outfit Inspiration

What you wear to your senior session is important, and deciding can be difficult! As you get ready, I recommend remembering to bring layers, which bring variety and depth to your outfit. You may also want to center your outfits around a color palette or theme. This doesn’t mean all of your outfits have to be blue! You want to have variety, but also make sure your photo set looks cohesive. Maggie did an especially good job with this, using several different colors but keeping them soft, tying her outfits together.

If you’re ever in doubt, there are plenty of resources to help you out… You can look through my portfolio for examples, and there is lots of outfit inspiration to be found on Pinterest. Be on the lookout for an upcoming post to go even more in depth on this topic!

One quick note: no matter what outfits you choose, be true to you!!

Without further ado, here is a snapshot of Maggie’s beautiful session. She rocked it!

Outfit Inspiration


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