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Dear families with grown-up kids,

Sometimes when we think of family photos, we categorize them in our minds as something we do when the kids are little. Even senior pictures have a “right” season. But when was the last time you thought about scheduling family photos with your grown-up kids? The ones who are starting to move out, who are getting married, who are finding jobs in other towns, and who are beginning to have kids of their own?

Let me encourage you that this, too, is the perfect season to have family photos taken. It’s still so REWARDING to gather everyone together to create family photos.

You will not regret it!

Looking at the Gemmel family photos makes my own heart swell. What joy and fulfillment Ann and Tim must feel as they forge adult friendships with their grown-up children and their spouses. This is a unique season which will shift like the wind once grandbabies start to enter the picture in the next years. This, today, is worth capturing.

Family Photos

All it takes is an hour. When’s the next time you and your family are going to be all together in one place? Maybe you should consider taking a walk in the park with a photographer.



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  • Ann Gemmel - Margaret – as always any time spent with you is life giving and you bring that same joy, enthusiasm and laughter even to your photo  graphy. You can count on lots more Gemmel shoots on the years ahead!  Grateful for your skill! And you!!!!